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can you elaborate a bit on what you mean?
By "need to know" practices, do you mean this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Need_to_know ? I think it's best to keep stuff on the DL
i guess it would depend on what exactly 'anarchists' are doing.  i dont really think there is anything fundamentally wrong with keeping secrets, or hiding things; secrets can be a powerful tool.  it seems a bit hasty to try and decide whether or not the act of secret keeping does or does not 'have value' in some general sense, you know it just kinda depends on the context.  sometimes it does, sometimes it dont.  certainly i can think of situations where coverups and secrets could be considered quite harmful the 'healthy' function of a group, but conversely i can think of situations where secrets could keep a group alive and well.  it just kinda depends.
trust and safety are important to me. transparency vs "security culture" is a false dichotomy. it all depends on the context of any given situation, most importantly the relationships involved. claiming that either approach is universally "correct" is ideological bullshit, just like anything that ignores context.

by and large, though, i think people talk too fucking much. period.
"it's helpful to try and figure out what you need to really be afraid of and what you don't need to be afraid of."

words of wisdom
yes....i've found that intuition helps in that regard more than thought.....

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