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Not sure if that's even a question (ha ha) ?

I am interested in learning more about Anarchist radio shows. I know of a few currently in existence and others that have existed and I want to find more info in general.

Anarchist radio shows (or radio shows that cover anarchism in general)

Anarchy Radio w/John Zerzan (Eugene, OR)
Horizontal Power Hour (Middletown, CT)
The Final Straw (Asheville, NC)
Artificiality (my Anarchist radio show out of Champaign-Urbana, IL)
Sierra Nevada Earth First! Radio (Fresno, CA)

Other shows not entirely familiar with:

TCN Radio (East Bay, CA)
Lawrence Jarach's radio show (Berkeley, CA) ?
Ron Sakolsky's radio show ?

What are some other radio shows ?

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not necessarily anarchist radio, but 2600 - the hacker quarterly has radio shows every week about interesting technology stuff and what not. always some good stuff from week to week if you tune in. you can find the shows on the radio tab

there is also #anonFM which is also not necessarily @, but still interesting stuff.  if you're not in the USA, you can access instructions on their twitter account

I do Autonomous Action Radio (someone mentioned below) on 4ZZZ Brisbane.... and podcast on radio4all. I also play a radio version of It's the End of the World As we know it and I feel fine during the show (also mentioned below).

The website for the show is And on radio4all archives here

Good to see all the other shows out there!
Hey I'm in champaign-Urbana too, looking for more anarchists to have intelligent discussions with. Are there any groups in the area?
Yeah, there's not much Anarchist activity in Urbana-Champaign overall.

I know there's the Radical Education for Autonomous Persons (REAP) radical reading group. They meet up from time to time and serve as a forum for any and all things radical in Urbana-Champaign.

There's also the zine library and other radical literature at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center. Its the basement of the building, it does have some great Anarchist literature.
CrimethInc. produces a podcast twice a month called "The Ex-Worker", available at Interviews, analysis, news, reviews, and a lot of other stuff.

On iTunes, there's one called "Another World is Possible", made by some northeasterners and featuring readings of a wide variety of classic and contemporary anarchist texts, plus miscellaneous other radical or social justice-y titles. Sound quality is pretty bad, but selection is wide.

The Brits have one called The Circled A,

Free Radical Radio out of the Bay Area is pretty good.

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There's a bunch of stuff listed at but it's not clear how much of it is all that anarchist. Radio Ecoshock, for example, covers the whole gamut from to anti-civ.

Audio Anarchy ( has some excellent materials, mostly audiobooks. There is some classic @ stuff at . also has a bunch of stuff if you throw "AND mediatype:audio" into a search query.

In Greece: 98.5FM - Athens, tho they were recently raided by police. Not sure how they are doing at present.

In Australia: Autonomous Action Radio - Brisbane and Anarchist World This Week - Melbourne

In Portland, OR there is (was?) a show called Circle A Radio on KBOO, which never seemed /explicitly/ anarchist whenever i listened, but did cover topics/ approaches that anarchists might be interested in.

I think it would be great if there was an anarchist shortwave station. Shortwave signals can potentially reach anywhere in the world (depending on several variables) and receivers are fairly cheap and accessible, tho i'm not sure how much it would cost for broadcasting equipment. Shortwave is dominated by state radio and religious programming, with some occasional right-wing libertarians, tho various rebel groups have also made use of shortwave for internal communications and to present their own spin on current events to the general population.
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Thanks for the comment, enkidu. I am definitely a proponent of increasing Anarchist/anti-authoritarian ideas through literature, radio, television, documentaries, and other mediums.
Right-wing, Conservative conspiracy theory crap (Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Jeff Rense, populist nationalist ideas) type stuff dominates youtube and "alternative" radio.
I want to hear, see, and read Anarchist/anti-authoritarian ideas.
There's also a great (maybe different from Circle A) show from London called The Circled A.  They podcast regularly (I think every 2 weeks) and cover a range of topics from a relatively anarcho-communist perspective, but it's pretty well done.

Also, my show's always looking for content (I'm a schill).  Get up at us at
Hey Bursts,
I definitely enjoy the Final Straw. I play episodes on WRFU 104.5 FM Urbana from time to time.
Thanks, Art!

Glad y'all are enjoying the show.  Drop me an email  at if ya care to, I had a question about your station.
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Inconsiderate Audio is probably my favorite, but they're on an indefinite hiatus due to fucking up their computer or something. I think they might be in the process of getting shit started again.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine is probably one of the only anarchist, uh... video podcasts? Web-TV series? I don't know what to call it, but The Stimulator is the best. Possibly/probably not what you're looking for since it isn't strictly audio, but it's within the sphere of anarchist broadcasting.
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I'm pretty sure I haven't had a radio show for about 11 years, but thanks for remembering that!
I probably should have put Current and Former Anarchist radio shows, etc. I enjoy your writing, Lawrence, and would have probably enjoyed your show.
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It's not a Radio show but there is a new project to record zines as audiobooks that is available as a podcast.

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