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I don't know about situation in Greece but SYRIZA seems to have caused some excitement among left circles. Do you think elections' result have any particular importance?
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I am hostile by default to all political parties and governments. Anything that claims authority over another is an enemy.

This party being elected will likely cut down on the militant struggles that have taken place in Greece over the last decade. Instead of fighting back themselves and taking initiative over their own lives, people will think that Syriza will solve their problems. At the same time, Syriza will have to choose between losing investor confidence by rejecting the austerity and global financial agreements, which will plunge the Greek economy even further into crisis; or to go through with the austerity measures and betray the frustrated people that got them into power.

Crimethinc has a good piece on it: http://www.crimethinc.com/texts/r/syriza/

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If voting changed anything they would make it illegal.
Emma Goldman
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I normally don't upvote quotes, but this pretty much nails it.
It's not often that I encounter supporting opinions,.....though the folks here must qualify as being the choir,...mostly,...
A choir dischordant.