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Anyone on here have any interesting anarchist humor in web, literature, and/or just tell me a really good joke ?

I think I want to laugh more and be annoyed less with this world.

I don't do well with stress, but I also want to be either an anarchist or identify with anarchistic, anti-authoritarian ideas for the rest of my life.

Post a anarchist joke if you don’t have any recommendations !

Insider jokes welcome ! Let the wet butts commence !
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I don't suppose Seinfeld could be considered an anarchist, but I find much of his humor aimed at the ridiculousness of society very funny, especially when it comes to the character George the following:

George, going to a job interview, lying to do whatever it takes to get the position, despite the fact he hates work:

Prospective Boss: If you want to work at Mackenzie/Brackman, you've got to be a team player. There's no place here for someone who wants to go their own way.

George: Oh, no problem there. Conformity is an obsession with me.

or this one...

George: I don’t want hope. Hope is killing me. My dream is to become hopeless. When you’re hopeless you don’t care. And when you don’t care, that indifference makes you attractive.

Jerry: So, hopelessness is the key?

George: It’s my only hope.

Yeah, it's from television and all, but it makes me laugh. And I agree that humor is an important part of life, anarchist or otherwise.
george carlin, may not be anarchist, but close enough.
mitch hedberg, probably not anarchist, but very funny and not irritating to me.
they're on youtube, if that's an option for you.
and omg dave chapelle--also not anarchist, but so fucking smart...

edited to query:
also what is "good anarchist humor"? many of bob black's aficionados like him because of his scathing barbs. but i hesitate to put the word "good" (as too broad a brush) anywhere near bob.
waldorf and stadtler (sp?) in GA was pretty funny at the time, but the humor might not have aged well (topical?), also might not be able to find it.

(watch chappelle! do it!)
dot's comment reminded me of another comedian I liked, Bill Hicks, who died in his early 30's, but I believe some of his stuff is probably on youtube as well.
i second both george carlin and bill hicks. biting, harsh social critique, with a strong anti-authoritarian bent.

btw, george did proclaim the anarchist label in his later years. and i highly recommend one of his last hbo standup concerts, i think it was titled:  "it's all bullshit, and it's bad for ya!"  fucking great!  i doubt i have ever enjoyed anyone's creative use of words, or humorous critique of the insanity of this world, more than his.
some years ago, some of the bay area folks put together a shadow-puppet show that was pretty damn funny. they performed it at an early feral visions gathering, and again at a bastard conference. it was very much insider humor, but i found it creative and fun. even most of the targets got laughs from it.
Calvin and Hobbes.

(ok, im old.  Anyone under 40 can fucking well google it.  Or whatever you kids do.)
oh yeah, in the vein of carlin and hicks is doug stanhope.
"Hopelessness, My Only Hope: The George Constanza Story" sounds like a good book title, bornagainanarchist.

Yes, Dot, the "News From the Balcony with Waldorf and Statler" from Green Anarchy magazine was harsh and funny. A laugh from Artificiality is a gentle but also bellowing laugh.
I like it, Artificiality! If I get around to writing a chapter, I'll be glad to send it to you.

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Here's my favorite :)
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...Can I interest you in a terrible joke?

Why did Proudhon only drink green tea?

Because all proper tea is theft.
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The only joke I got off all the answers
The fact that you started the answer off with "...Can I interest you in a terrible joke ?" is much appreciated.
I will bestow upon you an upvote to show good faith. A tip of the hat and no wag of the finger towards you, good Yosemite.
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Myself... Of course...

And as long as I don't like humorists in general and considering the fact that I often succeed in making anarchists or other friends laugh about a various kind of fucked up things ... I declare myself one of the funniest bastards I've ever met.


By the way : what do hackers have in common with the black bloc ?

...They both hate windows.
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Window smashing humor is always appreciated here in artificiality country.
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A funny thing to do as an anarchist:

Go into a Bob Avakian/RCP bookstore if you can. I have done this several times over the last 5 years or so when visiting a city with such a bookstore. While in there, ask for any books about anarchism, anti-authoritarianism, anarchy, anti-cult/cult of personality, and/or books by well-known anarchist writers.

They will without much hesitation get annoyed. They will either talk about the anarchist ideas being petit bourgeoisie or something about not understanding workers and the much needed revolution (led by a very specific Man).  They will more than likely hand you a sheet of paper with the RCP describing the wonders of Maoism in China or Avakian's "Constitution for New Socialist North America."

Continue to insist for anarchist literature as if the RCP bookstore is an independent bookstore with no hidden proselytizing agenda. The second or third time I tried this out, I asked for any books by or about Emma Goldman. The woman behind the desk said "you have got to be kidding me, we do not carry anything like that. Are you familiar Bob Avakian's writing ?"...I wish she would have said "Are you familiar with the teachings of Bob Avakian ?" to make it sound even more religious/cult-like than they already are.

A good laugh to be had by all.
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The bookstore/vegan shop red emma's gets annoyed when one does stuff similar to that, in my experience.
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How are school shootings collectivist?

After the shooting, all the school kids collectively own the bullets.

Hope you don't mind it being morbid :P
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Why can't anarchists draw straight lines?

Because they hate rulers.
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