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I intend to finally do some anarchist homework this coming year, and am keen to hear what has influenced and been enjoyed by my favourite group of anarchists!  Anarchist-adjacent, and other radical projects also interest me, so share away :) Perhaps I will finally be able to understand the SI this year
Thought this might be a fun, light-hearted question for the times.  Apologies if this is a duplicate; the only similar questions *I* could find were from  years ago, with little engagement.  Perhaps this question will go the same way...
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strict limit of three favourites per person >:( NO EXCEPTIONS

anything more would be anarchy

I don't really have a favorite and haven't read much anarchist related stuff recently, but one I thought was amusing is Here Have a Turd #1-5

It's mostly the ramblings of some anti-civ guy about his life and what not.

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bolo bolo
continuing appeal of nationalism
blessed is the flame
various things by voltairine (not her poetry, but that's just me)
locked up and the anarchist tension by bonanno
letters of insurgents (hard for me to get through, still haven't finished, but even parts of it are dense with layers reflecting on anarchists, et al)

have fun!

edit: (probably the first of many)
having little, being much
the fight for turtle island
treatise on etiquette for the younger generations aka revolution of everyday life (vaneigem = easier to understand than debord's epigrams, though the epigrams make you bring your self to the reading in a way that i consider deeply anarchist)

Theory of Bloom

stuff by dominique in the later issues of black seed
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letters to insurgents is a great book....long, but an imaginative take on the tensions between poverty, state socialism, and anarchist criminality...
thanks dot! thats a great list so far

thanks also for bumping some posts from well before my time.  some lively engagement back then!

already got some great things to be getting on with in the coming year :)
i second bolo'bolo and the continuing appeal of nationalism.

funny, i just came across an old comment i made on another thread, where i called bolo'bolo a repetitive, boring commie something or other. maybe i had not yet gotten through the book? i can only imagine i was referring to the (far too long) early part of the book. the latter part, the descriptive narrative of bolo'bolo, was probably the best imagining of a human social organization i have come across that would at least potentially allow for widespread anarchic relations.
oh! so glad you got more into it funky!
yea, the first part is... a gauntlet to run to more appreciate the awesomeness of the latter part.

already got some great things to be getting on with in the coming year

that doesn't mean that i'll be able to stop, now that you've got me started... ;)

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The Old Calendrist

species being and other stories

The Impossible, Patience and How to Live Now or Never

"Anarchism" by de Cleyre

Letters of Insurgents

A lot of my favorites are the ones that aren't generally considered anarchist like di Prima, Kafka (especially the aphorisms), Artaud, Benjamin, Bataille, Genet.

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