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Has anyone heard of this before? If not, what do you think of it? Here's a pdf explaining it (it's 120 pages, but you can skip a lot of it if try to read it). I've been diagnosed with the autisms when I was younger and I find it bizarre by trying to turn autism into some sort of ideology and political identity to strive for. Apparently, the person that wrote it is self-diagnosed and that kinda explain things to me a bit.

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hes a political science major who 'believes he is an authority on this'.  oh brother, im not going to last 3 pages.
yup, this is nothing.  just some -presumably- teenage 'an-com' with a fetish for setting everything out in writing as if other people care.  um there seem to be some ok points about neurodiversity and how 'difference' is not a disease, which is all well and good, but its pinned up against a backdrop of mostly unexamined classical anarchist ideology.

lots of words like 'just' and 'oppressed', and phrases like 'anarchy is about no rulers, not no rules'.  ew.  yup this can safely be ignored.
where did you find this even?
I found it on the anarchism subreddit. I find the anarchism subreddit amusing to read every once in awhile because it's hilarious to me. I initially thought the anarcho-autism thing was satire or a joke, but I was way off on that assumption. I only read a little of the first part because of the social anarchism is the only way doctrine and anarchism = democracy stuff gets old fast. I skipped to "the struggles of autistics" part, but found they seem to be presenting a stereo-type of autistic folk imo, or in the least hamming it up to infinity, and spreading some fud. I just find it bizarre or maybe I'm just not aware of how oppressed I am :P

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