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By this i mean if and when the revolution happens and Anarchy comes about, would the different factions such as the Ancaps, Ancoms, primitists, transhumanists, etc. co-exist peacefully? Or is this just not possible.
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people that disagree can get along, but mostly they don't seem to. and i see no reason why they have to. as long as nobody is imposing their shit on me and those i care about, i don't care what they think or do. 

the idea "can't we all just get along?" seems naive and utopian to me. voluntary association (and disassociation) is a core tenet of my anarchy, and that concept goes a long way.

i have no desire to "get along" with some labeled group. i will choose what individuals i care to get along with based on circumstances and context.

my ability to "get along" with another person changes constantly, whether anarchically, or not.

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In over ten years of my routinely asking people if they know the simple distinction between a democracy and a lynch mob nobody has answered correctly and over half have confided that they are suspicious of the dictionary and sometimes prefer to make up their own definitions despite almost every one of them being clueless that the common dictionary merely contains popular definitions. Its impossible to have a democracy or an anarchy if nobody knows the meaning of the damn words. The situation reflects how memory centric systems logic are the simplest possible way for people or animals to organize with a chicken flock pecking order and Three Stooges slapstick and Gonzo the Muppet providing classic examples.

Pecking orders enforce that people pay attention to those with better memories because, collectively speaking, while the lights might be on nobody is home. Its the default organization and, for example, this is how the neurons in the brain organize and there is very little difference between how a chicken acts and how any of its individual neurons behave. Forty years of intensive research have discovered that the amount of working memory a person has is the only reliable way of predicting their career potential. Notably, if the lights are merely left on and nobody is home both anarchy and democracy become meaningless and, conversely, if people are actually aware of what they are doing collectively then they make distinctions between the two terms and anarchists would consider democracy an aggressive way of organizing against them.
The Tao Te Ching is written in a paradoxical style that encourages the reader to interpret it for themselves, so, its fiction or nonfiction depending upon who reads it and what mood you happen to be in.
over the years, i've tried to approach everything i read without distinguishing between fiction/non-fiction - another arbitrary line in the sand, i say. people tell and write stories - some resonate with me and some don't to varying degrees. i see the writing as someone's interpretation of experiences, thoughts, and feelings, with the concepts of what "is real" and what "is imaginary" fading into the background of my mind...
Thinking is over-rated by those who make distinctions between who they are and what they are doing. Surround yourself with people who let you be you and return the favor. Lead by following and your thoughts are no longer your own, nor do they belong to anyone else.

"I'm a Warrior of the Rainbow or tribal hippie. Unlike most so-called anarchists we can trace our traditions back 12,000 years and anarchy is a way of life for us rather than merely a political or philosophical stance."‚Äč

The Warriors of the Rainbow or Rainbow Warriors. You're a follower of these evangelicals and their "Warriors of the Rainbow" evangelical screed that attacks Native American cultures and attempts to evangelize them, all the while trying to convince them that y'all are just trying to fulfill "the Native American prophecy" about the second coming of Jesus. Y'alls "traditions" dates back the early 1960s, not 12,000 years ago. I was wondering what you're dealio was, but now I know and I no longer have to wonder. 

I have to say, y'all Rainbow people are pretty big douche-bags. The shit y'all pulled at Black Hills and other places indicates y'alls douche-baggery has no bounds. Especially, the part when y'all ran to the state when the Lakota said y'alls shit wouldn't be tolerated at Black Hills.

"Thinking is over-rated by those who make distinctions between who they are and what they do..."

Yep, wise words from a dissenter of anarchy, wish we had more of those...anarchy: internet dictatorship. No need to start calling yourself names, that's a self-defeating behavior.
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I'm pretty sure I could get along with them for the most part, until an anCap tried to tell me to leave a plot of land and showed me some bullshit deed of purchase, or a stream I was using got polluted because of an irresponsible transhumanist. This is where it gets messy.
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I really appreciate the simplicty of this answer, combined with the way it pokes at a couple of the reasons we actually wouldn't all just get along.