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answer the question as you interpret it but explain your answer.


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why do i find these questions irritating which demand an explanation of others, yet themselves have no tags, no details, not even a hint of what the the questioner means in using their chosen terminology?

i mean, it could be an interesting question after all...

It comes off as if it's an interrogation to me. :/
Lol, anar-cops on patrol!
i am an individual, striving to realize my anarchistic desires in this anti-anarchistic world.

how about some context for the question, inquisitor?
Yeah, definitly.  Individualism is the most liberating part of anarchy for me.  Something that I think that is more interesting than this question, is is there an increase in individualist anarchist thought currently? I wonder if this is even something that is knowable, and what the cause for this would be?

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Yes. No. Yes and no and not at all. It depends on which day or night you ask me, when, where I may be; on those waves of sense and feeling every moment opens up (here and now I'm a green); perhaps what music I've heard, if I've danced (then I might be an individualist);  or if I've had to sell my body and time in work (which often opens me up as a nihilist, for a while, anyway, but I don't know and don't care how long); if I've enjoyed sex perhaps (then, I'm a lifestylist-social anarchist unless the sex was between Bookchin's books and Bob Black's retorts)...

The list may go on and most probably does.

But this answer, here, may really depend upon your meanings. For now maybe...anarcho-anarchist?

*Edit to add*: All the above is meant to be a playful take on something many people become serious about. What I perceive here as important is that we don't get caught up in roles, which are nothing more than dead abstractions with the concomitant demand that each living person 'live up to,' to be identical with, them. This is both impossible and quite -- deadening.

As such, I have no wish to be an  'individualist-anarchist' any more than 'cashier' or 'quarterback.' It is quite another deal to describe oneself in certain moments as ' ______-anarchist' or 'anarcho-_____' perhaps to illustrate where you're is coming from, even though the risk is run that others will identify you with that position despite your best efforts. Role/identity is a powerful auxiliary upon which this (mass-)society of strangers is based.

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appreciate and agree with your main points above, af. esp the last paragraph.
glad it is meaningful to you. :-)
Nicely written altogether. :)
And I like the use of bold font to emphasize what you perceive important.
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I am anarcho-syndicalist on the shop floor, industrial and work matters, green/eco anarchist in the woods, social anarchist in our communities, individualist when you catch me alone, anarcho-communist when there‚Äôs something to share, insurrectionists when strike a blow;


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Your answer is confusing to me. It seems like you're saying that wherever you happen to be at any given moment, then you're of the brew of anarchism that whichever is closest related to in some minute way. That doesn't really make sense.
yes, i agree, this forum needs a consistency check bot