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Any Critique Of Kaczynski's Writings

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I have read most of Kaczynski's writings, including ISIF of course, and wonder if you have any critique of his writings, and if you think his writings are still relevant or not.

My critique of him, in his essay "The System’s Neatest Trick" he argues that, poverty and sweatshops are bad for the System. While i agree in some degree, poverty and sweatshops may cause disturbances that destablize the System, i think that he underestimates capitalism's desire to maximize profit, so System's growth will nevertheless increase poverty. I think the important thing is which channels do you use to end poverty. If you use System's channels, then you may be doing the System's work. But an anarchist approach to poverty will of course be in conflict with the System.
asked Nov 2, 2014 by Metalist (910 points)
probably not much use since i can't provide links, but there was an old issue of ajoda that had an exchange of letters between - or it may not have been letters, i don't recall - tk and kt (kevin tucker). while i seem to recall it degrading into the typical pissing match, there were some decent points of critique. at any rate, you might do a search on the @ library for stuff like this.
This is a good question, if for no other reason than the irrational flutter around the personality - which is completely removed from the value of his writings.

Personally, (and that isn't worth much), i've relegated him to the ranks of the 'old men with grey beards'.  Some of what he says is interesting, but much is dated, or myopic, and mostly relevant to the times in which it was written (that is to say, it did'nt age well).

When i read his writings, i'm inclined to pat him on the head, and tell him 'it'll be all right'.  Then go burn something down, 'cause i was so inclined anyway.
Could you give some examples of his writings that are dated?
Metalist:  my comment was just a general sentiment, not a specific critique.  I haven't read him lately, i'll need to go back thru the library and see if anything jumps out.  Or it might just have been an artifact of the place my mind was at when i was reading him.
he uses too many capital letters

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