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I live in suburbia, I'm sixteen. I have a solidified set of opinions but the best thing I can come up with is cutting the lock off a walmart dumpster or tearing out the fence that was put up to keep us out of the local bonfire spot. I'm not sure if partying and digging through a dumpster will be very effective. I know people will say that I know my situation better than others but, can anyone give me any ideas? Maybe for some act at school? Maybe the chapter in Che's guerrilla warfare on winning support of the people could give me ideas but it's an insurrectionary book haha. I have a pipe dream about feeding homeless people and getting a group of them together to commit a mass shoplifting at a walmart, but that's beyond my means right now and less to do with my home turf suburban wasteland. The local FNB chapter is inactive. I live near Birmingham al if that helps.
I feel a need here to make explicit dot's and yosemite's cautions against public (net) conspiracies/confessions.  We often forget that the cautionary tales we have taken to heart are not widely distributed, and are censored from the mass media, so those lately to the fight haven't been warned of the wolves.

Firstly, assume anything you send or read over the net is recorded and archived and can be decrypted (eventually).  That doesn't mean you are being actively watched, but anything potentially embarrassing will be used to fuck you over if they feel like it.
Secondly, the bastards actively troll for young and impressionable people to set up.  They have an agent give them money and support, herd them into some stupid scheme to blow something up (bomb obsessed fux...), then throw them in prison after a farce of a trial.  All for the media appearances and to protect their bloated budgets.  Entrapment isn't a defence, its standard operating procedure.
And then there is the current fashion of grand juries masquerading as the spanish Inquisition.

I don't write this to frighten you, or to damp your insurrectionary fires.  I write this as forearming, for free you can fuck up their shit for many years to come.  Always remember that you owe no anarchist blind faith - if the shit they say doesn't make sense to you then walk away (and drag your friends with you), no matter how 'radical' they may pretend to be.

You've stolen back your mind, that's a victory they can never take away.
Hugs and incendieres!

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firstly, welcome.
secondly, good luck. maintaining oneself when there are not people to talk to is extremely challenging.
thirdly, be very careful asking for input along these lines from people you don't know.
fourthly, this is not the best site for asking about organizing, since most here (not all, certainly) are highly skeptical about the benefits of coordinating (or attempting to coordinate) other people's actions, specifically the question of "effectiveness" that you bring up. (in other words--perhaps my most common question here--effective for what, exactly?)
fifthly, my actual attempt to address your question is to do what you feel. things that have worked for me have been study/reading groups, art nights, reading on my own (lots of reading!), following controversies and considering them from as many sides as i can, listening to people who have been around longer than i have (and challenging them also)... i can imagine a critical mass or starting a FnB or a free radio station or a really really free market would all be interesting efforts that would teach you a lot, if nothing else, and give you a stronger basis for future endeavors.
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Just a quick word of caution, be careful about discussing criminal activity and information that could be used to identify you, even if the criminal activity is just a pipe dream.

To answer your question, one of the things I'd recommend is teaching yourself skills that can be put to subversive use, anything from cryptography and software coding to 'social engineering' (in the hacker subculture sense of the phrase ) growing your own food to parkour.  Being 16 gives you a bit of an advantage here because you'll be getting a head start ;)

Learning potentially subversive skills can also help you connect with like-minded people and come up with new ideas for anarchist activities.

Good luck with your future endeavors!
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