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I Just think its a little hierarchical. I see how it could show wether or not someone has been using the site for a long time, or is very active. But I don't see how that is applicable. I don't feel that it validates anyones opinions anymore than a newbie. I guess I'm just unclear of the purpose.

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Honestly I think the point system is kind of non-functional and non-sensical considering an anarcho-capitalist who got downvoted at every opportunity is currently the 11th-ranked user on the site just because he systematically went through every question and gave downvotes to everything that criticized capitalism or society or whatever.
rice boy, you don't think that the dedication of the an-cap should be acknowledged?
i thought theirs was a valiant effort.
I mean, I guess I've got to admit that it takes a certain obsessive determination to singlehandedly lower the rating of literally hundreds of personally disagreeable questions and answers on an anarchist Q&A site.
I miss JaysThoughts sorta...
ha ha !! in regards to ingrate's response.

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I don't know that the up and down voting is necessarily hierarchical, at least as far as I use that, it has more to do with content  (or good faith) of the questions or answers I am voting on. I tend to downvote things that seem like they are trolling or offer blustery and unsupported arguments. When I upvote it is because I both agree with the answer and think it covers most of what I would have answered as well.

I am not in a position to speak to how someone new to this site interprets all this, I recall feeling intimidated when I started answering things here, but quickly found that my opinions were valued and appreciated (and challenged!) which is what one should expect from a site like this. It is true that there are certain people who I frequently upvote, but that has less to do with their being longtime participants, and more with the fact that (I suspect) we share some similar perspectives.

But (for example) just because I've upvoted dot at times, and dot has the most points, that doesn't make dot the anarcha-president or something. We still disagree about some things, and when we do, I'm pretty sure I'm right ;)
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I'm pretty sure it has to do with the number in parentheses after your user name, not with the up or down.
...that doesn't make dot the anarcha-president or something. We still disagree about some things, and when we do, I'm pretty sure I'm right ;)

wait... what?!?! wtf?!?
I just wasn't sure of what it meant but thanks for the clarification.

Damn I got a lot of points to earn before I become anarchy-president.

And yes this site is new to me so thanks for existing

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it could be seen as a bit mixed in messaging.

but i like to think of it as spice.

you/anyone can pay attention to the number or not, think it's relevant or not, vote yourself or not, or merely use it as a guide to measure how other people on this site are likely to think and/or express themselves.

since there is absolutely no benefit to the numbers, they are yours to own as you like/don't.

surely that is a thought exercise that is useful in this world?
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