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I like to read magazines/journals like Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, and My Own (Apio Ludd) is definitely of interest to me. I am highly influenced by Max Stirner and basically everyone at AJODA.

Not sure if they would self-identify as Individualist-Anarchist, but it seems to me they would (my opinion is not a fact.)

If there are none available that you can think of, maybe include past magazines/journals that covered this area.

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I do not want any fake stuff thrown in (extreme laissez-faire capitalism, which assholes like Murray Rothbard and David Friedman call "Anarcho-Capitalism."

Also, I'm not fond of "market-anarchism" or "voluntaryism"/Ayn Rand and/ or Ron Paul worshipers/ "agorism" (sounds like an awful horror movie to me.)
So, I'm not alone in seeing "anarch-capitalism" as complete bullshit. So, you can hire police with buying power and that's not plutocracy?

I've been reading a magazine called the agorist report and though I don't like sectarian anarchism myself, there are some, pretty interesting  articles. It all depends on whether you have to agree with something 100% to enjoy it or learn one or two things.
We at AJODA do not consider ourselves to be individualist-anarchists.
Are you with AJODA?
Just kidding, I hope there's room for humor on this site.

I dose seem a bit like one of those monty python apology letters though.
Thank you for the clarification, Lawrence.
I think my comment about how I consider AJODA to Individualist-Anarchist is relative to my interactions with other anarchists. The other anarchists who I have met who read and like AJODA focus the most on the individual within Anarchy, compared to those not familiar with/or do not like AJODA.
Even though I am not a big fan of labels, I am guilty of using the Individualist-Anarchist label in regards to all the "anarcho-marxists" I meet (they know more about Marxist/Progressive or even liberal capitalist ideas than they know about Anarchy or anarchism.)

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There (were) two egoist papers: My Own, and the (now defunct) Sovereign Self. If you like My Own, Sovereign Self is worth checking out. They never had an online presence, but physical copies are still available through, and I think some of the writing is on I have heard people talk about the zine Anchorage Anarchist as somewhat individualist, but I've never actually read it, so I can't corroborate that.

Another thing from the past that might be of interest to you is Wilful Disobedience, Wolfi Landstreicher's zine, which is now anthologized in a book on Ardent Press, also available through LBC.

In addition to that, I would suggest checking out Modern Slavery, a thick journal co-edited by one of the founding editors of AJODA. It is definitely Stirner influenced, and there are two issues available. It is thick, (a couple hundred pages) and has serialized stuff (including a newer body of work from Wolfi).
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All good suggestions.
But, as you alluded to, SovSelf is not being published any more.

Edit: which you totally said flat out, which I misread. Oops. ^_^
I know. I sure do wish the folks who worked on that were doing something similar, I miss their contributions and perspectives...
The editors (GC, CD, and even KdF) will surface with their own zines, random articles, etc now and then, just keep an eye out for them.
Great suggestions, ingrate.
I really like Landstreicher's Willful Disobedience, I need to check out Sovereign Self, and I have read some of Modern Slavery (I like Jason McQuinn and Paul Z. Simmons' essays from AJODA and need to check out the whole magazine.) There's so much out there I still need to read and other stuff I am not familiar with...
KdF- Glad to hear it! :)
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If you're just talking contemporary English-language publications, the previous answerers have covered it. I just wanted to add the new L'En Dehors which takes it's name from an older French individualist @ periodical. There is also a German journal Stirneriana which covers all things Max Stirner.
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