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Not that you need to have just one or anything, maybe more like what's your favorite slogan/slogans today?
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Some of my favorite slogans include:
"Property is theft", "War is the health of the State", "Whoever you vote for, the government wins", "Whoever you vote for, we are ungovernable", "Today's empire is tomorrow's ashes/ruins", "Capitalism is the crisis", "We are the crisis", "People not profits", "Climates not capitalists", "The system works FOR THEM", "To protect and serve THE RICH", and who can forget the classics, "Fuck the police!" & "MAKE TOTAL DESTROY".

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Some of my favorite chants include:

Off the cops,
Fire to the prisons,

One direction: insurrection
One solution: revolution

The rich / will never / defeat the poor
The only solution: class war

Capitalism? No thanks!
We'll burn the fucking banks

Eat your pheasant / drink your whine
Your days are numbered, bourgeois swine

No borders / No nations
Fuck deportations

Occupy, Decolonize
Liberate & Organize

No more petitions
Kill the politicians

Take no shit / Take no orders
No more banks & no more borders

From <our town>, to Greece
Fuck the police

From <our town>, to Iraq
Fight back, fight back, fight back

Escalate the social war
Fight the bosses, fight the State

No justice, no peace,
Fuck the police

Kill, kill, kill the rich!

No more throne,  no more crown
Fuck shit up & burn it down

* * *

Slogans and chants are often overly reductionist, and sometimes counterproductive, but have their use and can be fun. We need to use them strategically. Slogans are useful to get people to start thinking or to simply remind them or larger critiques in the moment, but can often go over peoples' heads if they don't have a common understanding of the concepts and analyses we mean to articulate. They can also diminish the role of critical thinking.

Chants especially can quickly unite or divide gatherings and incite action, separating for example, anarchists and liberals. Which can be desirable or undesirable depending on the circumstances.

As fun as slogans and chants can be, nothing is as boring as getting hundreds of people together to the streets to simply repeat the same 3-part chant "No States / No classes / Organize the masses" and end up doing nothing.
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My favorite chant:
1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7, 8
Halfway done, just four more!
Base eight counting's fucking great!
"my mind is going numb / from repetitious chanting!"

"longer leashes / larger cage!"
Years ago, I went to a protest with my "Eat the Rich" sign. A most-likely-liberal-in-a-luxury-car drove by, gave me a thumbs up, and honked their horn in the rhythmic pattern of "This is what a democracy looks like !" chant.

I threw the sign into a nearby recycling can afterwards.

Moral of the story: I rarely go to protests anymore.
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Because chants suck or because you don't think chants count as slogans?
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"Workers of the World...Relax !"
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LOL...ya, enjoy yourselves and kick back a bit.
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At least 50% of the slogans in this one long-gone Anokchan thread. I saved the whole thing, though, since it struck me as maybe being useful at some point.

Possibly my favorite was a liberal/progressive misspelling "brutality" on some petition or flyer or something and inventing the timeless slogan, "STOP POLICE BRUTALLY"
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no gods, no masters
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Take back the night: Abolish electricty!
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Some of my favorites :

- "The passion for freedom is stronger than their prisons"

- "Li-li-libertad / Anarchia total" (Liberty / Total Anarchy)

Often chanted with

other version being "COPS / FASCISTS / MURDERERS"

As I'm french, one of my favorite is chanted like this :
" La meilleure façon de voter, c'est encore la nôtre /
c'est d'ramasser les pavés et de les balancer /
Bien viser les CRS, et recommencer /

translated it's something like :
"The best way to vote is still our way /
Pick up pavestones, and toss it away /
Target riot cops, and do it again /

And each time you can replace "riot cops" by anything you want :
Bosses, bankers, owners, politicians, etc.  ;-)

Other various french slogans (chanted, painted, on banners) during the "antiCPE" Spring 2006 uprising and general strike :

- "À bas le salariat".
Down with wage labor.

- "À bas le travail".
Down with work.

- "À bas les slogans".
Down with slogans.

- "À bas l’État, les flics et les patrons".
Down with the state, the cops and the bosses - Still very popular here.

-"Ici bientôt insurrection".
Coming here soon: insurrection.

- "Emeute(s)-toi"
Riot! / Riot yourself!

- "Blocage, une idée qui circule. Grève générale illimitée".
Blockading, an idea that’s getting around. Nonstop general strike.

- "Rêve Général".
Collective Dream.
[or All-Embracing Dream — a play on “Grève Générale” (General Strike)]

- "Nous n’aurons que ce que nous saurons prendre".
We'll only get what we'll take.

- "Nous sommes tous des casseurs"
"We are all vandals" : on a banner (because of media talking of "vandals" during riots).

During the general strike against retirement pension reform (Automn 2010) :

-"En grève ... jusqu'à la retraite !"
On strike... until retirement !

-"Les patrons ne comprennent qu'un langage :
Grève ! Blocage et Sabotage !"
Bosses only speak one language : Strike ! Blockade and Sabotage !

- "La meilleure retraite : c'est l'attaque !"
The best retreat ... Is to attack !
Play on "retraite" word in french, which means both "retreat" and "retirement".

- "Rien n'est plus violent que le retour à la normale"
Nothing is more violent than the return to normal"

- "Le cours normal des choses est une violence quotidienne"
The normal order of things is a daily violence.
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I'm impressed you can get the same verse to rhyme in both francais and english!

- "Nous n’aurons que ce que nous saurons prendre".
We'll only get what we'll take.

What is the origin/meaning of 'les flics', do you know?  I've seen that before - probably from the posts about ZAD - sounds vaguely nasty.
It means "the cops" ! ;-) As it's used in other slogans. It's a slang word. It's mostly used by people who don't like the cops, but also by the cops themselves. Like "I'm a cop" / "Je suis flic". But, strangely, it's not considered an insult or outrage by the law. But it's an insult often used by anarchists against other people, and also against other anarchists. So if you call a french cop "un flic", you won't get in trouble, theorically. Most of the time they just don't notice. They would probably get that you don't like them. But they're used to it. :-D But I must confess I don't know the origin of the term.