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After the revolution, what's going to happen to all the movies, tv shows, books, video games, comics, cartoons, anime/manga, music and sports. I am a huge gamer and an otaku (anime/manga fan) , and I'm afraid with the absence of entertainment industry, there will be none left. What if there was a series that was ongoing or wasn't finished yet like say, Naruto, I want to know what happens at the end. will the fans of the series make the ending, without making money ?

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I guess that depends on what your hypothesis of what reality of life after the revolution would look like.
I would to think that in a life after a revolution that ends in anarchy there would would be no need or desire for an 'entertainment industry'. Entertainment in the form of movies,video games, pop music, etc is at best an escape from the drudgery of a life that doesn't stimulate us to the point we must seek excitement and sensation through mediated passive activities and hobbies, and at worst a form of social control that works to further alienate us from each other and ourselves and reinforces some of the worst parts of this culture (capitalism relations, racism, negative relationships to sex and our bodies, etc, etc).
I would like to hope that in a ideal world I would be too busy doing the things I did to survive and enjoying the company of friends and the entertainment we can create through story-telling, games, making music together etc to need Naruto and manga.
But, once again, who the fuck knows what life post any revolution would look like. If you think keeping Naruto after such a revolution is an important part of your life, by all means, struggle for it. But I think you'll find it isn't worth fighting for.
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It's highly doubtful that the "entertainment industry" would continue existing in any form, but I see no reason why individuals or groups with an interest in certain forms of art and media couldn't continue producing it themselves.

I think it's worth mentioning that certain forms of media might be more incompatible with a hypothetical anarchist society than others, since things like television, professional sports, and major entertainment distributors (not to mention, arguably, all electronics and computers and the internet) rely on extensive modern infrastructure or concentrations of economic power.

But even without professional sports, there would still be sports, as proven by any neighborhood soccer league. Without major publishing houses, there would still be books and comics, as proven by the whole zine and independent publishing scenes. People can still make music and perform theater without record labels and movie producers. If technology survives into a post-revolutionary society, there could be independent video game developers and movie-makers and animators. Who knows. It's really impossible to say with complete certainty what any hypothetical anarchist society might look like, and different people have different visions, but I don't think this is such a huge concern! Art always exists in one form or another.
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Art would be made for it's own sake, not entertainment.
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Art should be destroyed for its own sake, and is definitely entertaining.
interesting take on it. Personally speaking art for me is as much about creation as destruction.