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Or is he just a pop anarchist?
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do you mean how has he influenced anarchist theory?
No. More asking what are his influences. What, if any, anarchist authors, have or seem to of influenced Alan Moore and his works.

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Alan Moore was influenced by people like Aleister Crowley & Jack Parsons, Art Spiegelman, Frank Miller, Harlan Ellison, Howard Kurtzman, Kraftwerk, possibly L. Ron Hubbard, Stephen King, Truman Capote, Dorothy Parker (she got blacklisted by hollywood), and the guy that started American Flagg comic. When Alan Moore mentions he's an "anarchist" he means something in between an American libertarians and whatever the left faction of the Labour Party in the UK stands for.

I don't think Alan Moore is too concerned with contemporary politics. It's usually someone asking him where his politics lay because of different themes in comics he wrote. Like his Swamp Thing series, The Killing Joke, or V for Vendetta. Alan Moore is more of an Occultist and a Magician than anything else besides a writer.

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