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Would a dumpster beat the newspaper box?
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upvoting this question because really, isn't this what all of us have been wanting but afraid to ask this whole time?

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This is an example of horizontal hostility. Dumpsters and newspaper boxes are both part of the same struggle against the urban social order and should see each other as comrades. Down with sectarian street matchism, up the solidarity!

But really though, dumpsters are bigger, more mobile, potentially fierier, and potentially easier to stash a cache of supplies in or make barricades from. Dumpsters win hands down.
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What if it was a dumpster full of newspaper boxes vs a summit free speech zone fence?
Now that's "thinking outside the box"!
(The puns, they hurt so good.)
Long live the crash struggle!
This answer reinforces the machismo bravado and hedonistic lifestylist adventurism of dumpsters. -- the ghost of murray bookchin
But the machismo is the result of years of the dumpster being subjugated /subjected to intense state-sponsored violence against it and other inanimate objects (road cones,windows,parking meters).--the ghost(buster) of bill Murray
no no no ALC, your argument is materialistic! the full power of speech and free thought is on the side of the newspaper boxes! the idea! the idea will win over brute force...!
What if it was a Toronto newspaper box, and the dumpster hailed
From Eugene?
I farted laughing from this. haha. wow.
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Only if it's on fire.
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