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What use is it beyond providing, "a dumping ground for communiques on the far, far left"?

I ask in light of hateful trolling such as: http://latfmanarchists.tumblr.com/post/25033003050

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a. it lets people know some of the things that other people are doing
b. it allows for interesting conversations (even though that is not the most common option chosen)
c. it allows the users to determine the value of the site, with all the drama and recriminations that that entails
d. sometimes it's funny
e. it is one indication of the standing of some of the multiple scenes that exist in the u.s. (at least)

there are probably other reasons, but that's off the top of my head.
i continue to be curious why people visit the site when they doubt its value (or just straight out hate it). surely there are better things to do with one's time than to aggravate one's self so?
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ps: be careful calling anarchists "the far, far left". in some circles, them's fighting words.
I also second this comment!!
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I second dot's response.

Anarchist news dot org has a lot of value, depending on what you are looking to get out of it.  There are two main parts that can be appreciated for their own purpose.
If you want updates, news and the latest commentary on ideas, the stories are what you want to read.
If you want playful banter, obnoxious troll humor, and the latest gossip and infighting then the comments are for you.

I understand some folks' frustrations with the comment culture, but one can easily enjoy the stories without looking to the comments (and many of us do), and it seems that there are folks who disregard the story entirely and use it as a medium for their trolling. But many people do both.

And, as always, if you don't appreciate the comments, spend time creating the comments and responses you want to see there.
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It gives us a glimpse of what an anarchist society would look like. Exagerated, of course, like everything on the internet, but definitely in the same direction. As such, it provides a reality check for many anarchists. Those who find they're disgusted by the site are probably better off abandoning their support of anarchy in favor of communism, divine kingship, or self-imposed exile.
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i am sad that sweater fish's answer has even one downvote. i think it adds a valuable point.
Fine, dot, i'll level it.

The Fish maybe does have a point.  Just because we drive a stake thru the heart of the capitalist zombie - atr, the assholes will still be assholes.  The annoying part of the @news comment trolls is their sheer bloody laziness; the an-caps here at least put some effort into their trolls.  And then someone will post a solitary-confinement cell solidarity callout and a dozen people who don't even know that poor bastard shout out pathetic* little solidarity messages, and the trolls keep their keyboards shut, and suddenly i don't want to burn the site to a fucking cinder.

* Compared to being locked in a tiny windowless room day after day, anything we might do is pathetic; appreciated, and critical for the poor bastards sanity, but ...