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I'm mostly looking for guides and/or advice. I've seen plenty of guides about Tor, OTR, ZRTP VOIP, VPNs, etc but I am looking for more stuff on best practices and strategies on more sketchy sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc Like should one use pseudonyms, if so how, or not? Any ideas?
this isn't an anarchist question. it's  possible we have some tech savvy people here who will link to some good info, but this is a tech question.
there are anarchist implications to the question, obviously, but they have to do more with using tech as a way to solve problems, do we have a good sense of security or do we get distracted by the kinds of solutions that won't really work well for us, what are different kinds of security and in what situations should we choose the different forms, etc.
the use of publicly accessible web sites for anything that could be considered questionable by authorities of any type, is just plain stupid, imo.

- every one of those websites will gladly turn over any and all records to the authorities
- the authorities gain ever more allies and snitches, both overt and covert

how many people have to get popped as a result of stupid blabbing on the internet, before folks stop doing it?

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I think this is a question that's come up for me earlier in my life - and it definitely carries some implications, but it's a simple enough question at face value. It might not be a strictly "anarchist" question since there are non-anarchists who might have concerns about using social networks, but, it's a question that anarchists can easily relate to and offer advice on to some extent.

It's generally a good idea to use a pseudonym on social networking sites for the sake of avoiding unwanted attention from employers, authorities who might have a casual interest in looking into your behavior, and other nuisances.

Law enforcement agencies, however, can generally look up social networking profiles via associated IP addresses, so pseudonyms generally won't protect you there.

It's a matter of opinion whether it's "safe" to openly express anarchist ideas on the internet, I think. There are a lot of variables that come into play - the amount of manpower available to law enforcement and intelligence agencies, whether talk alone is enough to wind up with you under surveillance.

My course of action thus far has been to use a lot of different pseudonyms and never, ever, EVER discuss illegal plans or actions via social networking sites, or unencrypted communication in general (and even then, speaking in person is always the most secure way of doing things).

There's some debate over whether social networking sites are a valuable tool for communication and organization in certain cases, or if they always inevitably play into the hands of the state which is capable of accessing information on social networking sites as they please. Plus contributing to the complete absorption of all communication and organization into the virtual realm. I guess it's sort of an argument over whether the cost outweighs the benefit.
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