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For some people it is, sure. But there are plenty of anarchists--most I would venture to say--who genuinely care about true freedom. Those people who classify all anarchists as snot-nosed teens with circle-A sweatbands and Against Me! t-shirts are either woefully uninformed or have ulterior motives.

And for the record, if someone's gonna stereotype; I'd much rather be classified as a force to be reckoned with, as a destroyer of worlds (i.e. the Fox News picture of anarchists).
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A distorted view of anarchy certainly is popular.  And to do any search on anarchy now takes you to a to series about a motorcycle gang.  

But certainly that is not all that it is about.  There really does not seem to be much progression toward an anarchist world, but i think that is more for other reasons.  Maybe even that we identify ourselves with a label.  

Perhaps our views limit ourselves by exclusion.  Which would be more appealing and even more visionary.  "Anarchist of the world, UNITE" or "People of the World, UNITE".  Not that popularity is a factor but the vision that includes the good of others.  Or perhaps the mindset of most anarchists is "screw the world, this is all about me."  Wherein we find the the unlikelihood that anarchy could ever be an effective catalyst for world change.

Actually the fashionable radical could have an impact.  Passion is a powerful motivator, and is part of any effective campaign.  If anarchy were to begin to connect and move people we could move toward a world that embraces anarchy.
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For sure, all of my radical viewpoints are in fashion that's why I have no conflict whatsoever with "society" as it is currently. <end sarcasm>

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