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And start identifying as insurrectionary anarchists?

Reading the Black Bloc papers it seems that most anarchist youth in the 90s to early 00s identified as revolutionary anarchists.

At some point it seems the favorite label switched to insurrectionary (despite if folks have affinity with contemporary insurrectionary anarchism from Italy, etc)

I get the sense it is a label that just is used to say "we really mean it" ...

Just wondering what folks who've been around the bloc for a few years think about this, or have noticed.
Wait, I thought the first black blocs were not anarchists but autonomists...
They were German, they included autonomists, anarchists, and extraparliamentary leftists identified with the autonomist movement. In Germany the movement took the autonomist label because anarchists were never in a majority and coddled to the particularly German idea of a unified antifascist radical left.

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I think "insurrectionary" tactics have fallen more into favor in recent years, but I dont know how many people in black blocs these days would call themselves insurrectionary anarchists referring specifically to the ideas that came out of the autonomia in Italy, and that whole current of thought, as opposed to simply being "insurrectionary" (as a tactic) and "anarchists" (though not necessarily tied to the aforementioned tradition).  A lot of the people ive noticed who somehow fit into the black bloc groupings these days arent really coming from the Bonanno-ist tradition but are often anti-state communists, many of the stripes of anarchy more closely tied with leftism, some people from the anti-globalization era, but also a fair amount that are specifically "insurrectionary anarchists"
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