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I guess I'm pretty new to anarchism and I thought "Why not just ask some people who actually can call themselves anarchist"

Now, I'm sorry if this question is dumb, but I'm a slow learner and don't really understand anything by just reading, without any examples of how to deal with it in praxis. So, what do 'anarchists' think of the swiss banking system, or switzerland, its politics etc. in general?
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i don't understand this question. what about switzerland makes it any different (for an anarchist) from any other state? or its banking system any different (for an anarchist) from that of any other state?

perhaps you can provide some clarification about the anarchist aspects of your question?
this one doesn't think about it a whole lot.  especially not the banking system.  Switzerland does have a kind of interesting fom of political organisation I guess, as far as I'm aware it's very local democracy oriented.  and yet it still sucks imo, so if anything Switzerland is just fuel on the fire for my hatred of democracy -which not all or even necessarily many anarchists share-.  to me it just shows how insufficient ideas of democracy are in terms of anarchy. that's about all my thoughts that are specific to Switzerland.
oh and Switzerland is super racist as far as I'm aware.
they do have this really cool drink called rivella which is made from dairy industry bi products.  it's kind of similar to the Japanese drink calpis, only fizzy and it looks like urine.
I don't think much about the Swiss banking system. I know it's a wealth safe haven for the rich and dictators. Swiss cheese apparently actually originated in Switzerland, but I do wonder if the Swiss themselves call it swiss cheese. I don't really follow politics in the country I live in other than an internet shitposter and troll got elected as president, so I have no idea about politics in Switzerland. I'm not sure what the question is asking though.

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