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For ten years I routinely surveyed people online and discovered that not a single person knew the dictionary was as common as dirt and only contained popular definitions, listed according to how commonly they are used. What's worse, over half of them confided they enjoyed making up their own definitions and debating them with others. Similarly, the famous New Atheist and expert in Darwinism and survival of the fittest, Richard Dawkins, invented his own nonsense word "meme" encouraging billions of people to babble nonsensically, in the name of reason, science, and the future of humanity.

My question is, "How can anarchists possibly hope to promote anarchy when one in five Americans insists the sun revolves around the earth and their teachers are so clueless they are puzzled as to why none of their students believe in Darwinism? Without clarity, anarchism is nothing more than chaos.

i apologize if i have misinterpreted, but this comes off as some serious intellectual snobbery.

words are (to me) nothing more than tools for communication. what words make the most sense in any given context depends on... the context. who is one trying to communicate with, in what situation? i love making up my own words.

i personally don't buy into the idea that "scientists" hold a monopoly on "truth". nor that writers, linguists or intellectuals hold a monopoly on the "correct" use of language.

and fwiw, dawkins should die a slow death being tortured by the muslims he has so much unabashed bigotry towards. may he choke on his own memes.

The oxford english dictionary seems to contradict your research. I suggest more research and research into the history of dictionaries. You seem to ironically take issue with words evolving over time, like "meme" coming from the word "mime" meaning to imitate and "mime" initially meant a moron that see monkey, do monkey. Sometimes you gotta make up a new word to make it clear what you're going on about regardless of which asstunnel came up with it. Making up new words can be fun, like anarchobabble® meaning an anarchist that speaks or write in jargon.

I'm not sure how to promote the good news of anarchy regardless of 1 in 5 believing in geocentricism and reject evolution. More so, I'm baffled on what either has to do with spreading the good news of anarchy or why it matters to you that people aren't as edumacated as you on certain things? Strange What's the question?

my short answer to "my question is....."  in the second paragraph....

i promote anarchy by responding to the pain and suffering (and the loss of their individuality and creativity) people reveal to me that comes from hierarchical doesn't matter what they know about the sun or the dictionary...
@wuliheron its almost as if you think that people should defer to some sort of authority on language...

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