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I think it's quite hard to not to come to know of a person that is or was in the military, a copper or a prison guard. Especially someone that has been in the US military because they're all around. For example, say you find out your neighbor, Weird Harold, was a marine by talking to them. Now they're a casual acquaintance of yours because as far as I'm concerned an acquaintance is just someone you know, but isn't really your friend.
I don't have a very hateful attitude towards cops or military personnel, on a personal level I just treat them like anyone else until they give me a reason to think otherwise.

However I don't think I'll end up being friends with a cop since I don't have much in common with the general cop personality with their manliness and whatnot. I did have a friend in high school who joined the military and later became a private contractor. I asked him if he would ever consider being a hitman and he said "I don't have an in to that business", he didn't seem to have any illusions about the nature of the business lol
i have a very good childhood friend who was in the marines, then spent a couple decades in and out of prison, and now works at rikers island (a huge jail in nyc, where ). i would totally hang with him when i see him! even if he can't get high with me anymore.

come to think of it, at least a half dozen of my bros from back then joined the military, and i've hung with several of them since. the only thing any of us really have in common now is our history, but that's more than enough to enjoy some time together.
I don't fuck or become friends with cops even when theyre really cute. a childhood friend recently became one and I don't see that changing anything.

weird how he was able to work at a jail after being in prison funky.
for sure, i would not create a new relationship with someone who has willingly taken on a social role that i despise. existing relationships, i deal with based on any/all relevant factors; i might end some, i might embrace others, i might simply ignore others.
"weird how he was able to work at a jail after being in prison funky."

he probably developed some sort of a stockholm syndrome from being in jail, and also was a shoe-in for the job given his experience.

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I will say A.C.A.B
hey ACAB anonymous, your info might have been removed by accident. there's been a ton o' spam accounts, and while removing them, sometimes accidents happen.

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