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I was reading an introduction to social ecology, here https://solarpunkanarchists.com/2016/06/05/social-ecology-a-quick-introduction/

and it is suggested -

"a strong belief in scientific rationalism blended with an ethics of non-hierarchical cooperation, Bookchin agreed with Peter Kropotkin, and contra Marxism, that the move towards capitalism and the nation-state had in fact been a step backwards; and that “industrialisation from below” may have been possible had the municipal-confederations of the Middle Ages become the dominant political-economic model instead of the nation-state."

Can anyone tell me where Bookchin or Kropotkin suggested this?

At the bottom of your link it says they're basically paraphrasing Bookchin's Post-Scarcity Anarchism book. You can probs find a pdf of it on libcom.org

edit: here's the book https://libcom.org/files/Post-Scarcity%20Anarchism%20-%20Murray%20Bookchin.pdf
from human's lead, i found this...


i found the "industrialization from below" statement a few times there, so perhaps that might be what you're looking for.

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