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Help! What is the best place for Anarchists to study or live? is there any community for us anywhere ?

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I am an anarchist from Syria, I managed to obtain many scholarships and reach top universities, right now I am studying in the Lebanese American University. I am really suffering and I am becoming a big danger to my existence, In my major political science, I am surrounded with a bunch of people who are really far away from me. It is not my problem that evolution worked better with me and I passed these people on many levels. People approach me but they cannot communicate to me, we are different social species. It is just as hard for a normal citizen to communicate to ISIS fighters, it is hard for me to communicate to non anarchists.
What can I do? can I join any group? or travel to any university where people are more developed or evolved?
I am trying to contact people from Norway, Finland, Sweden or any place that I can relate to.
I am not a Syrian kid who is trying to escape, I've traveled to Europe and the States a couple of times participating in conferences and summer schools, I am not seeking Asylum, I just need ideas, contacts any type of help from people whom I can relate to.
asked Sep 19, 2016 by Zakk_Huemann (120 points)
people feeling so alone in their areas is why so many end up on the internet. not a great solution, by any means. :(
Why do you need to explain that you are not a Syrian kid trying to escape? In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that. Also, I agree with the previous comment that the internet is sometimes the best place to connect and communicate with like minded people :)
What do you mean you're more evolved than others and pass these people on many levels? That stuck out and just seemed like you're saying that you believe you're far more advanced and superior compared to other human beings.

As for where to meet people with similar views, I agree with dot.
I assumed it was an artifact of translation because "woke" is a fairly obscure bit of jargon.

Unless they're a theosophist.
SD, I don't know what you're trying to convey with "woke" and jargon. Was that comment directed at me?
It was a reply to you, yes. What I was getting at is the whole thing about "evolution" may be a best effort at approximating something like "politically developed," but jargon like "woke" is pretty colloquial to be in the lexicon of someone writing into English at the level they seem to be demonstrating.
Oh okay. Got it now. Thanks. I was pretty confused. I would ask what a theosophist is, but I'll just look that up as it probably not relevant to the person's question or topic.
It was a joke about spiritual evolution.
Of course an anarchist like myself is more evolved socially, morally and politically than the community I live in. People here are still sectarian, politically they follow the leader of their sect and hate the rest, lebanon has 18 sects and each one has its own elites and the people are simply following them, I am talking about people who refuse to interact with another human being just because he is from another sect. they still kill each other for these reasons.

In my case I face discrimination every single day because I am Syrian, a person who hates you for an imaginary reason like color, birthplace, religion or whatever is an ignorant person. we can't deny it.
z_h, the killing and hate you describe sounds sad and painful (not to mention dangerous), and i can only imagine the difficulties that arise....

but, "more morally evolved" sounds like the concept of religion....and other authoritarian thought.

i don't think of my desire for anarchy as something that evolved morally, but rather as something i desired for as long as i can remember....from my early days of youth.

regarding the difficulty in communicating with non-anarchists....i can relate to that. :)
Yes, there are more anarchist societies in US than any other part of the world. As US Government is one of the most atrocious in the world, so revolutionary ideas/actions tend to be more concentrated there. All of my anarchist friends are Americans(with an exception of a Austrian).
Anarchist Nation is an ongoing project in Canada (started in 2015).

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Yes, there are many anarchist societies around the world. Here's a list of a major few:
•Trumbullplex in Woodbridge Neighborhood, Detroit, Michigan.
•Acorn Community Farm in rural Louisa County, Virginia.
•Freetown Christiania in Christianshavn, Copenhagen.
•Twin Oaks Community in Louisa County, Virginia.
•Utopia in Franklin Township, Clermont County, Ohio.
•Home in Pierce County, Washington.
•Metelkova City, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
•Stapleton Colony in Stapleton, North Yorkshire.
•Emma Goldman Finishing School in Beacon Hill Neighborhood, Seattle.
• Anarchist Nation
answered Oct 4, 2016 by faisalarshed (100 points)
saying "many around the world" and then listing mostly places in the u.s. is a little odd. and where/what is "anarchist nation"?

i will leave aside the question of what counts as "anarchist society/community", since the original poster could be speaking of exactly the sort of group you mention.