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What different anarchist ideologies do people here follow? For eg, anarchosyndicalism, libertarian anarchism, etc.
this question has pretty much already been asked, answered and commented on. and most like tags 'round these parts...particularly tags other than 'anarchism' and 'anarchy.'

I don't want to make this into a question on it's own (i ask a lot of questions already), but what's libertarian anarchism?

I think some users are post-left, but not super sure about that. I know one is because they write a lot from that viewpoint.
there are too many to be explained in an answer!

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some of the strains of anarchist thought that i find most interesting, influential and resonant with me include post-left, green, and individualist.
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I don't "follow" a particular anarchist doctrine at this point in my life, but here are several that have greatly influenced me over the years and thus inform my ideas today:





-DIY/Lifestylist/Crimthinc-pre-insurrectionism (a succinct name for this trend is escaping me right now...)

I kinda wish there was a polling function on this site, as it seems like that is what this question is requesting - not just what types are there but what is represented here.
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types of anarchist thought:


my own proclivities:


to which i will add that i am more and more drawn to a humble and funny anarchism, characteristics that are not really addressed by most recognized strains of @thinking (although there can be something of humility in insurrectionary thinking and certainly in nihilism).

(of course, i want this to go with grandiose, fourieresque level visions. otherwise humility is boring.)
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