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an anarchist society would have no capitalism to reward people with private property and no state to pass laws obliging people to take care of it(either making them work or making them pay for it)how would the infrastructure be organised.
our main toilet is currently backed up and unresponsive to snaking, so this question is suddenly relevant to my interests.

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ever heard of a composting toilet?


"ppl should just work with tge institutions"

this is the kind of bland middle-class (non-compostable) crap which is spread on anything radical budding where i live as well. sustainability= (sanctioned) liberal ngo's + governmental bureaucracies - smashysmash - honest appraisal of the dire situation at hand + heaping handful of progressive back-patting. mckibben's kids through and through. irritating.

While composting toilets are a technology well suited to anarchy (as sewer systems are well suited to states), I don't think this answer sufficiently addresses the issues at hand, if only because it's limited in scope by the circumstances of different environments. Additionally the body of the question seems to want a broader discussion of public goods (this seems like the common phenomenon where an aggressive interlocutor poses a specific question meant to address a general phenomenon, but many solutions are not generalizable. The questioner assumes no answer exists because their focus is on a, perhaps misleading, generalization). Surely there are plenty of discussions on this site where the problem of infrastructure is addressed in a more encompassing way. Does anyone have a favorite? Perhaps it's time for a new discussion of what technologies are enabled by what types of organization?
and that student was braggin because he convinced the school president to have organic food in the cafeteria. During that class, i said that you need to bring up the bigger more root issues in order to change things, and the teacher and the students chimed in and said we need to go through "the proper channels", as if that's some sort of response to what i was saying!
also, i want to add that such a position on changing the world by working with institutions is pretty much like saying "it's best to change the world by not complaining about what's wrong with it, and accepting things as they are", which is pretty absurd double think logic logic. Basically, our only position in life is to be sweet little submissive worker bees who can only ask for things politely, and always be satisfied with our master's desires.

Not only was the teacher in the class delusional, she also was a very harsh grader and I failed the class (which says a lot, cuz even though I never spent much time on studying, I only failed two college classes and i don't think i ever failed a class in high school). So....delusional, and very adament about the importance of her delusions! At least it doesn't directly lead to the murder thousands of black people like for the cops.
@rs666:  lol! those blue porta-potties! yeah, not exactly what i think of as an outhouse. those are basically chemical toilets, best i recall.

as for boiling, that might work (i forget what temperature is ideal for killing pathogens), but why? for that matter, how? typically humanure has other stuff in it, like lime, straw, ash, toilet paper, other compost, etc. boiling a 5 gallon bucket (or more) of all that doesn't sound like fun. especially when nature will take care of it just fine, given the time and minimal conditions.
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my anarchist world would not have sewer systems.

sewer systems are one of the most egregious wastes of water on this planet (perhaps only surpassed by golf courses). they are only necessary due to the "perpetual growth" and "economy of scale" paradigms that underlie capitalism, and lead humans to cluster so unhealthily into cities.
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