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this is a good question that has been addressed less directly in other questions. i'll look for links later.

if you can listen to english, this topic is raised in the recent podcast by the brilliant (thebrilliant.org). episode six.

edit: i never came back to this, and i'm bumping it now, in case anyone is inspired (and to remind me to think about it more--again).
i noticed i gave this question an upvote....and i still like it....but...

i imagine all kinds of ways to deal with disputes/conflicts, but i don't know i could distill it down to one or two....so many types of disputes/conflicts could happen, different numbers of people involved, varying degrees of emotions, sometimes involving material things and sometimes not, different relationships and familiarity of the people involved, etc, etc.

perhaps it would help to think of a particular context or situation, or how people/i resolve or deal with conflict right now...some rambling thoughts...
the reasons not to try to answer this are probably a) there are so many kinds of conflict, and b) there are so many possible tactics to deal with problems that all might work in an anarchist situation.

people here have addressed this in other, more focused question threads (like,


and http://anarchy101.org/6403/dispute-should-control-physical-resource-should-resolved

and http://anarchy101.org/179/what-are-anarchist-alternatives-to-the-police,

and http://anarchy101.org/13107/lady-with-friends-family-shes-able-work-where-will-food-help?show=13107#q13107).

maybe conversation can get started with those as prompts?

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