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More specifically when did the specific small/local group, especially those referred to as "collectives", became one of the main organizational forms as seen especially within North America? When did it enter the discourse? 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s? Was there much writing on this form of self-organization?
You might have to be a bit more specific. From the way I've interpreted the term it refers in general to voluntary association groups. I'm speaking from ignorance, tho. I would like some insight here.
more specifics would be best- humanity tends towards organizing itself in collective forms; this has been around the anarchist "discourse" before the word "anarchist" came to have ideological meaning.
juxtaposing "main organizational form" with "40s, 50s, 60s" etc is quite odd.
humans have organized themselves collectively probably forever. you can read various theories about if from engels on. i would guess that you're asking a question that is more anthropological than political or sociological or whatever, but it's impossible to tell.

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Collective have always been a part of any pro-communist movement.  A collective can be any place where people work together towards a common goal, and pool their resources to do so.

The collective is an abstract concept that can be applied to many types of groups.
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