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User Taigarun

Member for: 11 years (since Apr 5, 2010)
Type: Registered user
Full name: Taiga Run
Location: Olympia, WA, Occupied Coast Salish Territories
About: Greetings, from the anti-post-left.
I answer questions too:


I am also now the proud holder of the title, "Most down-voted User on Anarchy101.org"
This is a great compliment.

*edit:  I am now the second most down voted user.  I apologize deeply for this error and I will work hard to get back to number 1.

*edit: I'm back to number 1!  fuck yea!  Haters gonna hate.

*goddamnit enkidu!  You're always fucking my shit up!  Even JaysThoughts doesn't get that many down votes!

In addition to trolling for downvotes, I am here to refine my shit-talking skills, and of course, for the lulz.

Activity by Taigarun

Score: 1,720 points (ranked #33)
Questions: 6 (2 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 46
Comments: 60
Voted on: 16 questions, 21 answers
Gave out: 24 up votes, 13 down votes
Received: 115 up votes, 129 down votes

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