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I'm curious if anyone knows of any interesting reads on nihilism in Russia. Perhaps something that describes the history of it and what not.
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the book i have is called Five Sisters, women against the tsar.


this is not a standard history book: it doesn't give much overview or contextualization. it's a collection of excerpts from the memoirs of five nihilist women who were all amazing.

(they weren't, by the way, anarchist--at least not all of them. at least one nihiilist group was judgmental of anarchists in the US who had the right to vote and were still being so violent... (lol). )
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Here is the first thing that springs to mind:

In this Aragorn! first traces the historic development of the Russian Nihilists, and then explores relationship of nihilism to the socialism of the same era. It concludes with a jump to the present, and has a follow up piece that I highly suggest:

They are both available for free via the links I've provided, or you could get a print copy (it's very pretty) of both published under the name BOOM from Little Black Cart http://littleblackcart.com/books/boom/

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Thanks. Is there a particular order in which one should read those or does it not really matter?
it doesn't matter
is that a nihilism joke? :)
what i would like to know is who is this mysterious Aragorn!, swooping through the trees, making love to all my beautiful women?!

everything is a nihilist joke.


and we all want to know that, rs666...