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I don't necessarily mean wackos who through firebombs and stuff. I mean revolutionary anarchists or thE zealous ones?
I personally think of myself as a revolutionary anarchist, economically centrist and politically extreme.



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1. this question is absolutely unanswerable
2. even if it could be answered, it should not be
3. you don't explain what you mean by any of the loaded terms you use
4. your explanation of your own beliefs doesn't explain anything, since you're using terms that have widely varying meanings
Yeah, I second dot's comments.

It's hard to take the question seriously with a capital "V" for violent, and "their" for "there", and "through" for "throw".

And the attempt to quantify the unquantifiable.

"violence", "zealousness" and "revolutionary" are not synonymous, at least in my book.

It seems to me that an anarchist, by definition, is politically extreme. Many people I know think I'm a "wacko", despite the fact I've never thrown a firebomb.
This question smells like rotting bacon.

I can't really speak for anyone else.  Though i expect most of those who are reading this would come up with the same sum.


"wackos who through firebombs"...

- i'm trying.
In my opinion, Anarchists will use violence to abolish the state and capitalism...if this is what you are eluding to. I can't really answer it, but I do believe violence will be necessary in those situations because they are institutions that naturally oppress individuals.

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there's 19 of them and this one hella sketch dude that is actually a cop infiltrator. In the late 90's they lived in Eugene, OR before moving to Greece  by way of France in about 2006 or so, though they take frequent vacations in Eastern Canada and Latin America. Rumor is that they just moved to Tristan da Cunha to start an extreme sports/ecotourism resort.
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Oh yeah, one of them did summer camp in Asheville when they were like 5 or something. (see