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Hope Bloc, affectionately known as the “Celebrate People’s History and Build Popular Power” bloc, was something recently discussed on an anarchist news website in the comments section (you probably can guess it is not infoshopnews.)

Tell me more about it. If I can ask this question in a more appropriate tone, "What the hell was this all about ?"

Links for your perusal and entertainment:

http://slingshot.tao.ca/?author=137 (Ctrl+F, type in the words "Celebrate People’s History and Build Popular Power bloc for January 20, 2009", and hit enter. It's elementary, my dear anarcho-Watson.)
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It was possibly one of the most embarrassing initiatives to come from anarchist sectors in recent memory.

Also, what dot said:
I wonder if this event is like PTSD for anarchists.

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the hope bloc is the semi-sarcastic name given (by outsiders) to a plan for anarchists to attend the obama inauguration ceremony.
because the organizers were worried about anarchists being seen as too critical of the first u.s. black president (and hence being perceived as racist), the plan was for people to dress in bright, happy colors, and to talk to people in the crowd about how the real victory was of people's power (ie all the people who got the first black president elected).

need i say more?
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One of many examples that life is stranger than fiction.
Seemingly some needed that hope, cuz no prez is gonna change anything substantive.