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Ben Tucker once said, property is theft.  I understand how anarchists differentiate between personal property and property; so do anarchists believe that current property owners should be prosecuted/charged with theft?  Should employers be tried for engaging in (wage) slavery?  Even though they don't know it is theft or slavery, they should be held accountable; just like if a rapist said he didn't know rape was illegal he should be.

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first of all it was proudhon, not tucker.

no, thieves and slave owners and rapists should not be prosecuted.
prosecution is a legal term that involves systems and institutions that anarchists don't think work very well or are good for people/us.

the consequences of people's messed up behavior is the topic of many many many questions on this site. you can search here for crime, punishment, etc etc to see what people have answered before. in general the gist of most of the answers is that the consequences would and should depend on the group of people who are effected, and what the exact scenario is.
most people here don't think that abstractions like "justice," or "equality," etc are actually that helpful in living our lives as we'd like to live them.

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