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as i understand it, maoists are different from leninists, etc. because of the definition maoists have for the "three worlds" of capitalism: that the first world are the countries that benefit directly from capitalism, the second world benefit indirectly from capitalism, and the third world do not benefit at all from capitalism. the third world is considered to be the active agent in a revolution. this, along with their belief in "internal colonies" tends towards people looking to the most victimized/disenfranchised group to be the "most authentic" and most important, which makes people scramble to define themselves as that.

i look forward to someone attempting a single line response to this (or even one that is shorter). it will be funny!
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just replace all periods with semi-colons, and you're in.
All one line - stretching into infinity - like the tears of mao.
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I'll give you three answers for the price of one:

Not Leninism.

A type of Communist philosophy created by Chinese dictator Mao Zedong.

A bad idea.
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I see my reputation precedes me. Learn to take a joke. This question is a joke, in case you hadn't noticed.
Joking is a matter of opinion...and we've all seen what you think of opinions. Get the joke?
Wow.....way to misunderstand like....everything we talked about. Obviously this is not a scientific discussion. But either way, butthurt thumbs-downs aren't gonna make me go away. That's the wonderful thing about anarchism, you can't force people to agree with you (but not for lack of trying, it seems).
Whacha talkin bout? I've grown to love you, lantz. Neither a hurt-butt nor thumbs down from me.
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One who follows the ideas of Mao.

*insert all-time smuggest emoji*
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