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What is the terrible community? What is tiqqun saying about it? I''ve read most of tiqqun 1&2 but theses on the terrible community is giving me serious problems.
Any thoughts?
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the anarchist scene is a terrible community. it is full of individuals who proclaim that they would like to be other than what capital has made them; unfortunately they like to mistake this proclamation for actually being different as such. the anarchist community does not exist along anti-authoritarian lines, it is heavily inflected with leftist thinking and policed by leftist ideas especially of late the behavior and ideas of identity politicians, 'anti-oppression' specialists and so on.

but more generally. i would encourage you to read tiqqun's "theses on the terrible community" and also more generally their works on "bloom" and the "JeuneFille/YoungGirl". bloom is the condition of utter alienation produced by capitalism and the younggirl is the image introjected into bloom in the latter day (today) to avoid its self-recognition as such. the terrible community is the community of blooms-as-younggirls. i have perhaps had my most intense and bitter experiences of such of the anarchist-scene-as-anarchist-community.
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