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I know it has nothing to do with what we are fighting for , but is it something we should be concerned about , i just want to know what other anarchist think

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i should let this go - but i'm drunk, pissed off and Molly has volunteered you - so be it.

This is fucked up and pathetic on many levels - none of which reflect on the poster.
This is pathetic because 'we' are not 'fighting' in any real sense - we are writing and reading and pamphleting and breaking the odd fucking window;  and other people without the benefit of our fancy sophistry are merely trying to stay alive while other people try to kill them.

This is a cautionary tale of the dangers of theocracy/ideology.  When you are god's chosen people then murder and rape are just part of the ritual of conquest.

This is a brutal illustration of the inherent corruption of the nation state.  A brutal theocracy inserts itself (by force) between a corrupt and brutal dictator and a corrupt and brutal theocrat.  The only significant opposition to these bloodied conquerors are a people whose right to exist is denied by every corrupt regime that claims right to lands they live upon.  Bloodied conquistidors who have been named blood enemies by half a dozen regional and world powers (most of which aren't on speaking terms, and may technically still be at war.)  Bloody fools following the well-worn path of the judeo-christian-islam death cult, financed by the ecologically blooded dollars of the princes of arabia.

This is yet another illustration of the slow motion inferno that follows the arbitrary imposition of colonial boundaries upon traditional peoples and cultures, and the continued imposition of those boundaries at the point of the bayonet by the u.n. and other world powers.

Where this is instructive, is that the u.s. is a theocracy in all but name;  the rhetoric, the justifications, the rituals - are all the same.  A minor disturbance in Ferguson is met with troops in armored vehicles and assault rifles.  If we posed even the slightest threat to them, do you think that they would shrink from murdering us all and dumping our bodies in the landfill??  Murder is what they are; let us see them for what they are, let us prepare our selves to meet them on their terms.

(ps:  i upvoted this question out of spite.)

editted to make a comment an answer (blame Yosemite :P).
I should have added bits about the collusion of the media complex parroting an obscenely narrow 'official' perspective; and the usual suspects using a distant conflict as an excuse to use gov't debt to subsidise weapons exports - while piling yet more odious debt on the recipient governments, and propping up the few paying jobs left in the states just in time for the next election cycle.  But i leave that as an exercise for the dear reader.
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