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In the anarchist field of the United States, it seems like plenty of people commit anarchist actions (or ostensibly anarchist actions) of one kind or another, and plenty of people have theoretical justifications for their actions - at least enough for the sake of argument, even if their argument isn't very strong or effective.

Are those the only things to consider? "Theory" might broadly include tactical and strategic organizing concepts, but not necessarily how and when to apply them - not to mention the fact that any application could fall apart if the participants have no idea what they're doing.

What are some skills that could be considered necessary, or at least extremely useful, for anarchists to brush up on?

(This is a really broad question but maybe useful anyway I hope.)
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good question, rb.

i think everyone, especially anarchists, would seek to continually gain and improve on skills that help them live the life they desire. the specific skills will obviously depend on the desires and priorities of the individual.

some skills i think all/most anarchists could use/improve on (just off the top of my head) include:

- communication (clarity, conciseness, listening, reading non-verbal clues, etc)
- self defense (body-based, weapons, verbal, distraction, etc)
- stealthiness (including knowing when to shut the fuck up)
- shoplifting (and otherwise obtaining material necessities/desires on your own terms)
- thinking strategically as well as tactically
- practical survival (growing food, simple construction, personal health care, making clothes, using tools, etc)
- HUMOR!!!

i know that list is very general and hugely incomplete.
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I'm probably going to answer this question myself at some point just to throw my thoughts in, but this is pretty close to exactly what I was thinking when I asked this.

Obviously the broad list is going to be "whatever you feel is necessary to do the things you want to do", but it's easy to overlook the fact that things like communicating, fighting, and organizing are skills as well as actions.
one item i might add to the list, although it is partially covered by several of the items i already listed, is:

- improved ways of dealing with cops (both the state sanctioned/sponsored variety as well as the more insidious kind that don't see themselves as such, but play that role using the oppression pyramid to divide and conquer)