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I've had this morbid curiosity with Food Not Bombs for awhile now.

What are the connections between these feisty, irrepressible Anarchists and the Food Not Bombers ? Are there any ? Am I eating crappy food for shits and giggles ?
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To be honest, I have been involved with helping run a Food Not Bombs chapter. I have also volunteered with other FnB groups in other cities.  I should have included the word "charity" in my above tags, but I accept "liberals" and "butt-flaps" as strong enough indicators.

The word "charity" being used in place of the words "mutual aid". The words "college students" in place of the words "proselytizing Christians" or "religious people."

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depends somewhat on the FnB you're talking about, since they vary by location.
but in general, FnB is one or all of the following--
a) a way for people who are interested in anarchist principles to get their feet wet hanging out with other people who are also interested (by which i mostly mean other food not bombers)
b) a way for people to feed themselves and their friends
c) a way for people to reduce, reuse, recycle (ie can have nothing to do with anarchy at all)
d) a way for people to do social/charity work (ie can have nothing to do with anarchy at all)

ps: shits and giggles. haha
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Regarding FnB, the shits and giggles usually happen in the opposite order: you giggle (and shake your head in bewilderment) when you see what kind of food they serve, and then you get the shits after you eat it.

The connections are mostly those brought by self-identified anarchists who decide they want to do some kind of DIY food reclamation/distro. There's nothing inherently anarchic about FnB.
This is where those butt-flaps so popular with the post-apocalyptic crustie punks, new-age travelers, and dirty hippies can come in real handy with any post-FnB experience.

I definitely meet interesting people at FnB. And, by interesting, I mean people I have good conversations with but also many a wingnut telling me about "John Lennon being murdered by author Stephen King ?!?!?!" And, oh yeah, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon might have helped !
John Lennon was an Inside Job !!! *on a bullhorn megaphone*