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I'd imagine anarchists wouldn't take up jobs that they don't "morally" agree with.  On one hand, this includes pretty much all jobs in a capitalist society, but on the other hand, with the way the world is now, you need income to survive and you usually get income from a job of some kind.  So what types of jobs would anarchists be most likely to take?

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My stance is that there is no possible job that could be truly desirable or morally pure (as much as that's a useless abstraction).

Jobs with charities or NGOs might do things that help alleviate some of the more horrifying aspects of life under capitalism, but ultimately they can only ever be reformist in their character and play into the same sort of feel-good pressure valve as activism. I think there might be a tendency for people who care a lot about the absurd and terrible facets of society to aim for careers that "help people", and then get spend all of their energy just dealing with the problems that society creates (rather than putting any energy toward changing/destroying society).

Obviously I think it's impossible to justify being a judge or a cop or the head of an investment firm or something - unless maybe you have some fantastic scheme involving pulling one over on the system from a position within it, but that kind of idea tends to be unworkable for a lot of reasons.

My actual answer to the question is "whichever job seems tolerable" and maybe "whichever job has interesting opportunities to exploit".
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