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On Facebook are there any true anarchists or just people that know anarchist "ideology" and want to think they are.

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Maybe dismantling "ideology" only looks like "ideology" to those that perceive theirs as being the universal norm.

Dot, will Anarchy101 be issuing out diplomas or membership cards any time soon? People wanna know who the "true anarchists" are.

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There is nothing real on Facebook, but there are certainly representations of actual anarchists on Facebook.

Did you expect we'd all be so pure as to never have surfed the social network, tasted Starbucks coffee, or eaten McDonald's Fries?

We can at once attack that we hate, and also be completely reliant or enmeshed with it. We might or might not hate ourselves based on on this and our particular perspectives on compromising our beliefs (and sometimes even that is a reaction to our learned values around that shit).

It seems as if that would be obvious, though. Is there a question I am not understanding?
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