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Right now there are private and public schools. Obviously you have to pay for private schooling, but for those who can not, or choose not to there is a public education system which is allegedly paid for by levying taxes from the people. How would anarchy be able to provide a public school system?

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Abolishing the existing concept of schooling/education would be a good start.
using tags is very helpful. perhaps for this one education, schools, ATR, practical ?

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ATR ? Atari Teenage Riot ? I'm going to assume we're all talking about Atari Teenage Riot. I had a feeling everyone on here was on the same page in regards to cyber punk. That's a relief.
After The Revolution everyone will listen to Atari Teenage will be mandatory !!!

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Have a bunch of people in a room, with a reasonable number of those people being well-versed in whatever topic is going to be talked about. Have materials and resources available for independent practice. Adjust this method to suit the specific nature of the subject matter, its complexity, the suitability of other learning strategies/techniques, and the desires of whoever is involved.
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"Have a bunch of people in a forest..."
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"Have one or several unique individuals in a union..."
"Have a bunch of people in a forest..."
... wait, does this mean that ATR people can only learn when they're in a forest? what will the inuit do?!? ;)
You win this battle, Dot...for now.
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I (considering myself to be anarchist) am not concerned with having an educational "system". My interest is in learning, in helping others to follow their areas of interest and in asking for collaboration and help from others to follow mine. It's also about finding affinity with other people who want to learn and explore and understand some of the same things, and then creating ways together to do that.

Learning is not separate from the rest of life, despite the attempts of the hierarchies and the money system to make us believe it is so. If you do believe in that separation, you end up with an educational system that prescribes what you will learn, how you will learn it, and will judge how well you learned it.
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