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seems to me the seeds are now sown. With Government corruption increasing, demonstrations worldwide and acts of domestic violence taking a more radical place in all theatres. It is a matter of time before some form of revolution is going to happen in the future.
Forget the terrorist groups, My biggest fear is our governments.
When will it reach a breaking point??
Btw NSA, if you read this - I have no agenda!!!

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I was the third downvote and I'll spend a few words on why I did...

- It is totally absurd to ask a question about The Future unless you're asking an oracle.
- Why would you want to know the future with certainty anyway?
- You answered your own question.
- And your answer to it ("yes") is silly.

On another note, can you explain what "acts of domestic violence taking a more radical place in all theatres" means??
Theatre is defined in this case as "Area of armed aggression" (military terminology) sorry you are ignorant! - But I was trying to short form the above thread - I was referring to State (that can mean a country other than yours btw), a  venue - ie school, shopping mall, movie house, or a sporting event. Demonstration etc

The hacking to death of British soldier in London, bombing of Boston Marathon, The government attacks on their own people, ie, recent Turkey and Syria, (I can list a ton more).

Also, probably 95% of the population would say you are part of the other 5% who, just like to criticize, and just be a plain and simple argumentative kinda guy!
My question was unclear. I figured you were referring to things like that. Would you explain why you consider them to indicate a radical turn?

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In one sense, we already have global anarchy. I mean, there isn’t one consolidated world government, is there? Then again, we live in a global community, so there is a world government of a sort. But, to answer your question seriously, no, global anarchy is not on the horizon. Not now and probably not ever.

All of the demonstrations and radicalism you see on TV are par for the course. Such things have been part and parcel of nation states since their inception. (History textbooks might be instructive here.) Hell, even ancient monarchies suffered from insurrections. The Spartans were so afraid of slave rebellions that they declared war on the slaves once a year, just to keep them in line.

Modern agitation seems stark only because we live in a technological age, in the age of the 24-hour news cycle. I think it’s safe to say most of the protesters want to reform their governments, not abolish them.

Anarchy is an individual rebellion against forms, not a social utopian construct. Bottom line: Individual anarchy has already arrived. In fact, it’s always been around as the province of a minority of vagabonds. Social anarchy on the other hand, is a non-existent Elysium, and will only ever be the figment of optimistic imaginations.

Don’t wait around for that shit. It’s a waste of time. I forget who said it, but I love this quote: “I don’t need to wait for the Übermensch. I AM the Übermensch.”
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