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weren't they just sitting there trying to mind their own business?
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Communism is juxtaposed to capitalism, not anarchism. I view these two politico-economic theories as closely related which can be viewed as a 'good cop, bad cop' trick that has been played on us all and anarchism as antithetical to both as well as  to any other form of governing our property or behavior.

I have become so tired of this argument. Communists and capitalists tend to be so unoriginal. And they seldom mind their own business.
State communism is a lot different from anti-state communism.  I would wholly agree with what you said if you changed 'communism' to state communism.
matt.the.prick, you should look up the definition of communism because pure communism is the same as anarchism. You are talking about socialism and they are very different.
Purity eh? Dont like the sound of that.
PeaceLoveCommunism, not all anarchists are communists nor are all socialists statists.

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Maoists never "mind their own business." As authoritarians, they are always minding other peoples' business, reading habits, sexual activities, friendships, and work.
Maoists in particular are always trying to recruit among baby anarchists (they call them "rebel youth," refusing to acknowledge their self-identification as anarchists), those just starting to question the status quo. Such young folks are particularly vulnerable to hip slightly older folks who are savvy and have developed some kind of street cred.
When the RCPers were ejected from the SF Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair in 2009, they set up their deceitful propaganda outside the rented premises, and were unceremoniously baptized by some folks from our team. Yay team!
As the heirs to decades of murder and suppression of anarchist and independent radical activities, RCPers don't deserve anything less than ejection, water, insults, taunts, and other actions meant to convey their status as most unwelcome intruders at any and all anarchist events.
There can be no polite conversations or negotiations with our enemies.
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I don't like the RCP just as much as the next anarchist but, at least the ones I've come into contact with in the South East where nice but mislead. RCP is the left wing of the democratic party anyway. Not radical in book.
We got the RCP to pick up our tactics during the Port Protests in the Northwest.  They were doing soft blockades of military vehicles.

Then we brought two of them to our (male) friends birthday party, which included a mountain of dumpster doughnuts and a male stripper cop.  Basically it was awesome.
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The Revolutionary Communist Party says that "Homosexuality is a bourgeois decadence," and we don't put up with that bullshit.

They parroted the capitalist media during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992 calling them "black race riots."  (Kind of pathetic for a communist group to miss the largest class uprising of the decade.)

They are authoritarian maoist opportunists who try to appeal to college kids for their membership.

They should never be trusted and should be treated with hostility at every turn.
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