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Wrench to the teeth.

Or: "Fuck you, kill yourself."
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As much as they believe they are serving their country, making an honest living or investing in college, this country mostly exists for the rich mostly at the expense of everyone else. That's how every country has ever been, but with the last century, industrialism increased the economic wealth to such an extent that there appeared a rare middle class who could enjoy air conditioning, houses and sedentary luxeries like that. This is a freedom that's granted only to the obedient and is complicit with mass incarceration and other injustices, but that alone will do nothing for the indoctrinated. The Spectacle is the most dishonest society there ever was, and it cheats all the time to be the sole option and a market-based one at that. There is a classic degree of brainwashing that goes with patriotism, so you can't depend on a few logical sentences to explain how someone is dying for oil or to modernize Afghanistan for whatever comes after sweatshops. The ultimate problem is the alienation of society since little about our lives as participants is self-determined.
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