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I'm trying to figure out good documentaries to show on public television.
 I recently got a local public television program to feature Anarchy in Spain and Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Both Anarchy in Spain and Surplus have John Zerzan featured in them.

Anarchy in Spain is by Rottin' from Green Anarchy magazine. Until recently it was hard to find (I found a VHS copy), and I put it on youtube...

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Anarchism in America (1983) with Murray Bookchin and Karl Hess was pretty damn bad. I won't be showing that on local public television, just in case anybody asks...
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There was a documentary being worked on by two individuals from South Africa from what I understand. They had interviewed many people, including at least one person from this website (many people from this website should be interviewed about Anarchism/Anarchy.)

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Anything in the videos/film section of CrimethInc's site could be useful to you.

This website might be good - I think it's a continuation of an old Blogspot site called "fuckcopyright" which linked to downloads and torrents of hundreds of radical films.
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