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for example, if most people surrounding you are on his side and/or do not understand the concept.
It would probably be a good first step to decide what a manarchist actually is, and what the characteristics might be prior to deciding to call one out.
also, i mean this in good faith, if you want to be perceived seriously, it would probably more constructive to not call that person a manarchist, and to actually refer to the specific qualities that your dont like.  in this juncture, the term manarchist has become another one of those now kind of 'so loaded to the point of meaninglessness' terms

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I agree with Jingles.
Addressing problematic behaviour is what one does when trying to give constructive criticism for the sake encouraging the modification of a persons actions. This can be done through addressing the issue immediately when it arises. Talking with a person one on one. Or having a larger discussion with the social scene it affects and the person. Most effective when focus is on acts and why they are undesirable and why those acts threaten a persons relationships, rather than attacks upon personality traits or static characteristics.
'Calling out a manarchist" is what one does when trying to attack a person for the sake of socially ruining or ostracizing a person. It is generally a tactic of social politics, and is appropriate when one isn't interested in changing behaviour, but rather just wants the person to be removed from a social scene in a shameful way. Not a guaranteed effective tactic, and its divisive nature can backfire.
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