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Dare I say...that it could exist without colonialism and pollution and alienation, in a purely voluntary and sustainable fashion, and that any significant number of capitalist enterprises are worth salvaging by converting them to self-management.
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as far as people in trade unions like spanish CNT and CGT and IWW i actually support them a lot especially since not everyone has the luck to be in a position to afford not having a trade union to negotiate with their bosses.
negotiating with bosses has nothing to do with anarchy. NOTHING.
I'm not saying anti-authoritarian unions, or workers' struggles, or self-management even, have no value. I just don't intend to keep all the machinery of industrial capitalism running. I'm attacking industry and colonialism, not workers and autonomy.
unfortunately the comment thread started on an irrelevant note, since this question is what are common myths of @-synd., not "who do you 'support'" - whatever that means. i dont mean to troll, but....
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I guess im answering the question "what are common myths that are produced by syndicalists/part of the mythology of syndicalism" rather than "about" but i think one of the most fundamental mythologies coming form syndicalism revolves around the fact that self-managed work is meaningfully liberatory, that it constitutes a fundamental shift of relations, when in my opinion, is actually just a change in form, rather than the content that makes up life.  Im going to limit my response to this for now in fear that i may be selectively interpreting your question.
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