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How does one make total destroy?

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There were 43,600 windows in WTC 1 and 2. Now there are none. Jihadists make total destroy. I can only help to think that anarchists make partial destroy, at best.

I hear much talk about make total destroy and yet how do?
asked Sep 27, 2012 by anonymous
I can only hope to think that anarchists won't make any destroy if it means barbarism.
this comment rings a bit too much of progressive ideology
Synonyms for barbarism:

Atrocity, savagery, cruelty, inhumanity, depravity, despotism, brutality, fiendishness…

Pick your favorite one, suck it till you get to the chocolate center, and then swallow your salted pedantry down with it.
yo madlib, i agree with jingles here. perhaps this would be interesting to you?


what *are* your thoughts on civ/anti-civ?

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We reduce them all to bones.
answered Sep 28, 2012 by ForkFreedom (220 points)
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Breaking windows is an antiquated tactic. The TRUE path toward revolution lies in throwing newspaper boxes into the street.

- Print Media Liberation Army
answered Sep 28, 2012 by Rice Boy (8,680 points)