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I understand it is extremely hard to work in a capitalistic society, I understand being a game warden is working for the state, I also understand I would be enforcing the states laws but I want to protect the wildlife and atleast make enough to survive. Is there any other options? Or what can I do to make that job less statist.

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I'm guna say probably not. The links dot posted above are good for explaining the misery and complicity inherent to all work. In many states game wardens are fully deputized officers of the law meaning they are cops flat out they can arrest you for breaking any laws. You can rarely make your job less of what it is you can slack off but if your job is to be a cop you can't slack off to the point where your not a cop. Now to what extent non-deputized game wardens are still cops idk but it seems a pretty slippery slope.
Maybe this would be a better direction:
but honestly on the whole anti-hunting thing... uh ... idk someone else come up with some good explanation of why anti-hunting is dumb. Also maybe this will encourage some thoughts on the whole protect the animals thing:
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